David McCreath



The core concepts of my work are curiosity and contemplation. I use different methods to encourage this reflection: seriality, repetition, symmetry, and interactivity have all found their way into my sculpture and installation work.

Every piece that I make involves building an object or set of objects. The process of building is critical to my own understanding of the initial concept. I usually start with wood, textile, or steel, and even when the material is familiar to me, the physical work of the project will bring me to a deeper understanding of how the material expresses the idea than I initially grasped. Even if that process is not obvious to the viewer in the end, the effort of creation is fundamental to fully realizing the concept.

Making art that is simple in form but consuming in process provided me with clarity after a chaotic period in my life that required I give my full attention to multiple places at once. The goal of the work now is to give the viewer a reason to stop and look carefully, at least for a moment, and share in that clarity.