David McCreath

A New Voice

reclaimed guitar body, reclaimed box, amplifier, speakers, four-channel mixer, plywood, mp3 players, engraved brass, engraved plastic

project info

About this project

I love interactive art. Breaking the barrier between art and audience doesn't happen enough.

I found this guitar carcass on the street in 2019 when I was living in San Rafael, California. The top had separated completely from body and the neck was nowhere to be found. I don't know how it ended up there — did someone throw it out a car window? use it it bash a street sign? — but it seemed like an undeserved end for a musical instrument, so I thought I should give a second chance with a new voice.

I built the MP3 players rather than buy used ones to keep them simple. Each track will loop endlessly until the players are turned off.

  • Audience interaction
  • Audio
  • Material reclamation

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