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About me

I’ve been working on the web since 1993. I still love the web and still try to make it a better place to work and play.

I currently work at Slack as a partner engineer, which means I help companies get their Slack apps built and listed in our App Directory. I work with an incredibly talented crew of people on a product that is pretty dang good.

My band, The Development

The Development consists of my bandmate Ryan Carver and me. I play guitar and sing, using a looper to set up and control the bass line and Ryan plays drums. We write the songs together. The bass line is re-looped every time we play the song. Its creation is used as a structural part of the song. We’re interested in just how much we can do with this minimal set up.

We have some demos up on Bandcamp.

My show, It Might Get Personal

It Might Get Personal is currently on hiatus.

It Might Get Personal started life as podcast in 2012; to date fifty-two episodes have been posted. The motto of the show is Be Brave, Have Fun, and the premise of the show is to everyone can sing. Everyone. Every episode, a guest comes on and sings a song that means something special to them, then we have a short chat about the song and whatever else comes up.

The first thirteen episodes in a small room at my office, with Seven Morris handling the video and audio recording, as well as doing audio engineering post-recording. Upon finishing episode 12, Seven’s attention was required elsewhere, so after taking a short break and rethinking some things, I moved the recording to a San Francisco recording studio, the Women’s Audio Mission, with Laura Dean engineering. Since this is likely to be the first and possibly only time the guest will be recorded singing, I want to make sure it's the best recording we can get.

In November of 2013, I gave a talk at Creative Mornings in San Francisco about the podcast. Here’s the video of that talk.

And here’s a list of all the episodes.

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